About Us


We’ve all been on both sides of the gift exchange–receiving a gift that exceeds expectations and eagerly waiting for a loved one to unwrap a thoughtful gift. But sometimes, finding the right gift is elusive, and time isn’t always on your side. But that doesn’t mean gifting has to be stressful.

At Speedy Card Exchange, we make the beauty of gifting shine a little bit brighter by making it so effortless you’ll find yourself looking for any reason to celebrate.

Gift cards make incredible gifts. You can express thought in the care you use when picking a card, and your giftee is free to choose what they’ve always wanted. There are no gift receipts. No returns on the to-do list. And best of all, no unwanted presents.


How many times have you been stuck with a gift card in the drawer knowing you will never use it? Well you're not alone; 28% of gift cards are put away for months and years. At speedycardexchange, we offer a way for you to sell unwanted gift cards and receive cash for them. Simply enter your gift card information and amount of the gift card and we will offer you a competitive amount for your old card. It's that simple!

At Speedy Card Exchange, we make the old new again with true value, cash!

Easy way to give joy

We’ve made gifting moments more accessible by curating virtual gift card selections to help you find the perfect gift quickly. Our mission is to put thoughtfulness and ease at the center of gifting.